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“I have been the lucky recipient of massages from Radha for the last four years. Each experience takes me to a new place of connection, bliss, and radiance. The last one literally had me stumbling off of the table. I would enthusiastically recommend her thoughtful and intentional approach to the body and soul.” Caleb Nichols, owner of Kickapoo Coffee

“I just got the best massage of my life from Radha! Here is what set this massage apart from other massages: A friendly, relaxed interview at the beginning about how I am doing physically/mentally/emotionally, expert input on my dosha balance (explained in plain English so I could understand!) and then the most delicious luxurious oils I’ve ever experienced! Radha was an exceptionally sensitive therapist and I can’t wait for my next massage!” Victoria Clark-Sanchez, Flagstaff, AZ
“Many thanks & blessings to Radha & Aaron for the bliss of your space, your insight, guidance and heartful care! What a fabulous service you provide to your community ♥” Dawn DelVecchio of www.dawndelvecchio.com, Crestone, CO

“Ahhhh I so enjoyed my massage Radha! You always know just what I need, and the work continues after my session for days, Thank You!”  Diana DeMayo, LMT at Uptown Massage, Sedona, AZ

“Radha’s Abhyanga/Shirodhara was amazing. Radha has such a loving, nurturing touch that allows you (to) remember that place of inner calm and peace. Thank you for the gift of this beautiful experience, Radha. It is an absolute must do”  Colette Coletta, LMT, Sedona, AZ

“Just had a fantastic aromatherapy, Ayurvedic massage IN MY HOME from Radha Rani Crawley! She was meant to work on my arm, but I feel so much better on so many different levels!” Laura Camp Monroe, Flagstaff, AZ
“Thank you Radha Rani Crawley for a beautiful treatment today” Shelley Lillesve, Owner of Urban Gypsies Boutique, Sedona, AZ
“Radha brings not only her knowledge and expertise to the table, but her intuition as well. I don’t always know what to expect when I get body work from Radha, but I always leave feeling tended to. Ayurvedic massage connects you to a deeper state of relaxation. From there, all the rest just releases naturally.”  Emma Nicholes, Viroqua, WI

“Radha’s body work has a natural sweetness to it. A certain knowing that goes beyond experience that is palpable through her hands and heart.” Dr. Paul Grenier, owner of  Quality of Life Chiropractic, Viroqua, WI


 “Radha and Aaron’s work facilitates and supports holistic wellness of the body, mind and spirit.  Their work allows for and promotes any energetic changes that are needed for one’s deep healing and health.  I not only enjoy my sessions with them in the moment, but also continue to benefit from their work in the following weeks to come. The deep, yet subtle work of Radha and Aaron has always given me just the right amount of support needed for my own true, personal wellness.  I feel gratitude and joy for having met them.”

Dr. Roxanne Witte, Flagstaff, AZ


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