Ayurvedic Gentle Cleanse and Detoxification

Would you like to……..

Reset your digestive system to better absorb vitamins and minerals?

Reduce gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn, and any other digestive problems?

Come to a balanced weight for you?

Increase your immune system?

Improve your mood and energy levels?

Loosen and release toxins?

Increase your excitement for healthy food?

Gain mental clarity and enhanced spiritual experiences?

You will feel all of these benefits and more when you gently and thoroughly detoxify your body using these ancient yet very modern Ayurvedic protocols.  

Ayurvedic Cleanse Instructions and a Personal Consultation $225

Includes the 9 page detailed cleanse instructions and an initial consultation, questions answered while cleansing AND a follow up.

In this consultation we will discuss lifestyle choices unique to you and your wellness including diet, sleep, herbs, exercise and daily practices.  You will be offered a treatment plan to encourage healing and peace within.







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